(PARK)ing Day Wellington 2017 

The Strong, Silent Type
Wellington Sculpture Trust
Public performative chess game
Cuba Street, Wellington.

March 10

My first exhibition outside of Massey University Wellington, following the completion of my Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons). I was granted the opportunity to show my final years artwork, The Strong, Silent type which incorporates items brought from the dairy as pieces in the game of Chess.

Exhibiting in a public venue such as a carpark opened up a new conversation for the work, with interesting conversations around the context of labourers and road workers in the city and the habitual buying habits they have.

The pieces for this artwork are as follows:

King - Tobbacco
Queen - Bic Lighter
Bishop - Coca-Cola/ Pepsi
Knight - Pump/ H2Go
Rook - Red Bull/ V
Pawns - 10c Coin/ 50c Coin